Trump Wants to Quote ‘The Purge’ Films for Next Election

Trump is probably already bored with being president, despite the fact he’s yet to be sworn in, so he’s thinking ahead to his 2020 reelection campaign.

If his presidency wasn’t enough of a horror show, he’d like to make the comparison even more clear. Trump wants “Keep America Great” to be his official slogan for 2020, even though that’s the exact slogan from The Purge: Election Year.

The Purge: Election Year is about a group of “New Founding Fathers” who have given one night a year for every crime in America to be legal including murder. Turns out they use the purge to specifically target minorities and the poor and in Election Year they try to kill the female Presidential candidate that wants to bring about change. Oh silly movies, what an outlandish story!

Also, if you were looking to create anything yourself with the slogan “Keep America Great,” Trump is trying to trademark the phrase without and without an exclamation point, so make your merch now before you get sued.

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