Denver Broncos Coach Vance Joseph Allegedly Rubbed His Penis on Unsuspecting Women

The Denver Broncos hired Vance Joseph to be their new head coach last week. It was an odd hire considering that Vance Joseph was formerly the defensive coordinator of a Miami Dolphins team that ranked 29th in total defense.

And now the move gets even odder as news comes out that Joseph left the University of Colorado, where he has the defensive backs coach, due to a sex scandal.

Let’s first go back to 2004 when Joseph left Colorado for a job at Bowling Green. Going from Colorado to Bowling Green, at the same position no less, is a pretty significant downgrade, so there was obviously something up. His departure was allegedly tied to a recruiting scandal that involved strippers, possible rape, and slush funds. Nothing ever came from this scandal because college football brings in money. Rape victims do not.

Now, we’ve learned the details behind Joseph’s involvement.

According to a police report from 2004, Joseph went out drinking, took two female athletic trainers home, smoked a little weed, and then climbed into bed with one of the already sleeping women and began touching her and rubbing his penis on her. Both women made the same claim.

The women didn’t press charges at the time, and the story was swept under the rug. Joseph was placed on leave by the school, but then he took the Bowling Green job five days later. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a guy trying to run from something at all.

I give Vance Joseph less than a year in Denver.

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