Celebs Keep Bugging Daisy Ridley to Reveal ‘The Last Jedi’ Details

If you’re like most normal people, you want to know what the hell happens in the upcoming Star Wars movie so you can piss off all your friends with your knowledge of spoiler information. That’s the only reason anyone wants spoilers, right?

Josh Gad is a normal person who wants to piss off his friends.

He’s currently filming a movie with Daisy Ridley, and he’s enlisted the help of other famous normal people to bug her about The Last Jedi. Watch as Chris Pratt, J.J. Abrams, Judi Dench and others demand to know spoilers. Man, they kept the story from J.J. Abrams even though he brought the franchise back? Poor guy.

To her credit, Ridley isn’t budging. Not even under the powerful request of Judi Dench, who I’m 100% sure is a real life Jedi. Judi. Jedi. Almost makes too much sense.

Daisy knows that if she spills all the secrets, no one will see the movie and her checks won’t be as big. Smart and beautiful and the star of Star Wars. She’s perfect.

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