‘Family Matters’ Star Allegedly Threatened to Boil His Daughter in a Pot

Darius McCrary, the guy who wasn’t Urkel on Family Matters (he played Eddie Winslow), has been hit with a temporary restraining order by his wife. His wife, Tammy Brawner, claims that Darius “is violent, destructive and unstable emotionally. He has a violent history. He uses drugs and drinks heavily on a regular basis.”

Oh. There’s more:

Among the alleged misdeeds: Throwing a cell phone at Brawner when she was eight months pregnant, and restraining Brawner and their daughter Zoey, born in September 2015, when they attempted to leave.

Brawner also claimed that McCrary spanks Zoey frequently, and during one incident he “held her over a hot stove with fire going and boiling water going. He said to her that ‘he didn’t like her … and that he wish[ed] he didn’t have her.’”

According to Brawner, the latter incident occurred when Zoey was “no more than eight or nine months” old.

Spanking is forgivable. I was spanked as a child and I turned out just fine. I think. But holding her over boiling water like she’s a pig you’re trying to cook. That’s….not humane.

Gonna be really awkward when Reginald VelJohnson arrests Darius in the near future.

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