NBA Starting Their Own Esports League

If you’ve ever played NBA 2K, you’ll know that it’s a fun experience with a lot of diversity and replay value. It’s always really frustrating because the servers crash and you get stuck with teammates who are dicks.

Well, get ready to be teammates with dicks for a full season.

The NBA and Take-Two announced that they are creating a NBA 2K Esports league which will function just like the NBA. That means one guy who is really good and on a great team… will leave that team to join a historically great team.

Little is known about the league at the moment, but NBA commissioner Adam Silver said there will be a regular season and playoffs. They’re also talking about doing a draft. Not every NBA team has signed off on this deal, which means you won’t be playing as yourself on the Cavaliers just yet. But I’m sure those Ohio Horseman jerseys will be pretty sweet.

No word yet if players will have to stay in Trump hotels prior to competition.

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