Patrick Stewart Doesn’t Know His Own Penis

Patrick Stewart is best known for his roles in X-Men and Star Trek. But, apparently, all penises look alike on mutants and in space.

One night, Stewart had a disagreement with his wife, Sunny Ozell, on whether or not he was circumcised. Not trusting the woman who sleeps with him, Stewart needed a second opinion. Speaking to The Graham Norton Show:

The next day, Stewart happened to have a doctor’s appointment and decided to get a professional opinion on the matter.

“While he was down there, I said, ‘By the way, my wife and I have had a little disagreement, I am circumcised, aren’t I?’ ” he asked. “He took a closer look and said, ‘Not! I am Jewish, and definitely know the difference!’”

Stewart’s biggest mistake is not trusting his wife in the first place. I don’t blame him for not knowing the difference between an uncircumcised and circumcised penis because that’s just not something guys should look all that much into. But you have to trust your wife, man.

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