Rape is Fine, but Flutes are Off Limits for ‘Game of Thrones’

The biggest rule of Westeros is “No Flutes Allowed!”

Ramin Djawadi, the composer for Game of Thrones, recently discussed how he came up with the show’s iconic theme. It was greatly influenced by the showrunner’s insistence on keeping flutes out of the show.

Mainly, they didn’t want Game of Thrones to come off too Lord of the Rings-y and flutes will immediately give you that Hobbit-y feel. Just listen to a Jethro Tull song. You can easily imagine “Thick as a Brick” playing in a bar in the Shire.

So, if you’re an excited flute player who can’t wait for your chance to play for Game of Thrones, this has got to be pretty disappointing.

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7 years ago

*facepalms at title* Literally every other episode features men being brutalised, maimed, disfigured and murdered – christ they cut a guys penis off – but a person being raped is when the feminist right decides the show is going too far. Fortunately there are literally mounds of murdered men you can stand on the backs of in this show to soapbox about how the writers are discriminating against the well-being of women…