Rosie O’Donnell Dressed Up as Steve Bannon, This Will Push Trump Over the Edge

This will really get under the Donald’s skin. Alec Baldwin drives Donald Trump nuts with his Trump impression. Trump hated the Sean Spicer impression that Melissa McCarthy did because A) it was true and B) getting a woman to play Spicer totally emasculates him in Trump’s eyes.

Some people on Twitter asked if Rosie O’Donnell would play Steve Bannon. Rosie’s response?

O’Donnell’s not just playing this lip service. She just changed her Twitter photo to one of her dressed as Bannon.

Whereas Bannon played as The Grim Reaper on SNL is straight up funny, this is good too. O’Donnell would take the piss out of Bannon and get so under Trump’s skin. They have a history of beef that goes back TEN years. You KNOW Donald would see this and wander around the White House in his bathrobe tweetstorming his displeasure. Perfect.

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6 years ago

You know that’s photoshop, right?