Ryan Reynolds Has the Funniest Parenting Tweets

Ryan Reynolds is a father of two, but that doesn’t stop him from continuously being hilarious.

Reynolds did share a sweet and sentimental moment about his family life at the press conference for the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year Award (which he’s receiving this year).

“Just seeing my older daughter be so infatuated with our younger daughter, who’s 4 months old,” he said. “Seeing her kiss her and hug her and hold her and do all those things, those kinda crush me. Whereas they might put anyone else to sleep. But for me, that’s pretty cool.”

Usually, Ryan’s thoughts on fatherhood are a little more biting. On Twitter, Reynolds has tweeted out some very real and very funny parenting anecdotes and jokes that continue to prove that Reynolds is just awesome all the time.

If only every parent could tweet as well as Ryan Reynolds. If you like, here’s more of his funny slightly disturbing tweets about parenthood.

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