We Found 7 New Planets Today and Sally Yates, That Attorney General Fired by Trump, Burned Him with This Tweet

Today we learned that the solar system has seven exoplanets orbiting a small, Sun-like star. That means there could be life beyond our Earth. They’ve called this system TRAPPIST-1. Getting there will take awhile. Almost forty light years, give or a take. Put another way, it’ll take almost 738,000 of our years to get there.

You may remember Sally Yates. She’s the attorney general fired by President Trump for refusing to uphold his executive order on the travel ban. That’s the one that limited travelers from six countries (Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Iraq and Yemen) and completely cut off access for travelers from Syria.

Well, Yates is excited about the discovery of new planets. More so for what it means for the Trump administration.

She wrote:

We have 39 years to develop faster-than-light travel so we can get to TRAPPIST-1 before they find out we elected Trump and try to explain.

Hehe. Who knew attorney generals also had sense of humor?

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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud

She’s scum.
Do you know what TRAPPIST-1 will also not hear about — President Hillary, the pro-War, pro-Banker corrupt Establishment candidate that squandered over 1.5 BILLION to lose an Election that the MSMedia was doing everything to help her win. Now that’s funny.


Hi Sally! Don;t go away mad–just go away.

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