Tom Brady Wants to Impregnate Gisele Bundchen for His Mother

Super Bowl babies are not an uncommon occurrence.


And it looks like Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are planning their own Super Bowl baby. But not because Brady won his fifth Super Bowl. Nope, Brady and Bundchen are gonna get to baby making for Brady’s mother, Galynn, who reportedly isn’t doing so well.

“Galynn’s been battling with a mystery illness for over a year now and it’s not looking good”

According to Radar:

Brady and Bündchen, 36, “do want more kids but had put number three on the backburner,” noted the source of the parents to daughter Vivian, 4, and son Benjamin, 7.

“Now they’ve rearranged everything so they can produce another grandkid for Galynn before the end of the year.”

What a great son that Tom is. A real hero, taking one for the team and banging Gisele on a nightly basis in hopes of knocking her up so his mother can have one more grandbaby.

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