Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Are Seriously Back Together. Seriously

In news that you may not believe, because I’m not sure I believe it, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appear to be a thing again. This, according to Radar Online.

In a shocking development that could certainly seal the deal on the death of Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Garner, insiders told Radar that Affleck, 44, and Lopez, 47, are getting together again — and it’s not just to discuss their upcoming projects.

During one recent script meeting, “It was like they’d never split up,” an insider revealed.

The report even mentions that Affleck wanted to cast Lopez in Live by Night, but Jennifer Garner put the kibosh on that. I’m sure that casting decision would have put the movie over the top.

Why would anyone want the sequel to Bennifer 2? It was really bad the first time around. Both of them were annoying in public. And they made Gigli. Remember Gigli? We just now forgot about that movie and they’re trying to bring it back? Don’t do that.

Said the source, “Ben and Jen have been meeting in secret, and tongues are wagging that they’re serious about making it work this time!”

That’s my favorite quote. “THEY’RE SERIOUS THIS TIME!” So, are they admitting that it wasn’t serious last time and that they just did it for publicity? Because I’d buy that. And I hope they are serious. Affleck is 44. Lopez is 47. They both have kids. They’re quickly running out of options. Maybe this is their last option and they’re just going to settle because who else is there?

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