Kate Beckinsale Rates the Best Smelling Celebrities

Kate Beckinsale seems like an awesome person. Her Instagram confirms as much. Anyone that posts train of thought messages with no filter is alright in my book. In a recent post, Kate ranked the best smelling celebrities and pondered squirrel molestation.

Russell Brand being third is a clear “don’t judge a book by its cover” statement. One look at Brand and you would think he hasn’t bathed in a month and definitely reeks of alcohol and cigarettes. And while I do imagine that he reeks of alcohol at various times, he must do a nice job of covering that scent up.

Common being number one shouldn’t be all that surprising. Have you seen Common? He’s a good looking guy who is well put together.

I’m really glad that Kate Beckinsale has brought all of this to light. I like to think that she just went around smelling celebrities and making notes in her phone as to who smelled the best. There’s no way she just remembered all of this off the top of her head. I’d like to see the full list at some point.

In fact, let’s turn this into a book. I’ll be your ghostwriter, Kate. Call me.

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