‘The Matrix’ May Get A Reboot That No One Wants

In news no one wants to hear, it’s possible that The Matrix will be getting a reboot. Why?

Right now, talks are in the early stages, and we can only hope that they don’t progress any further. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Wachowskis, writers and directors of the original, have not given their blessing for a reboot. And Warner Bros would want that at the very least before moving forward.

Joel Silver, producer of the original, is said to have approached Warners Bros with the idea of the reboot. Zak Penn would be the writer and the studio wants Michael B. Jordan to star.

Isn’t there a rule that states at least 20 years has to pass before you can reboot a franchise? I realize Hollywood has broken this rule many times, but come one, let’s do something about these reboots. Don’t ruin something as awesome as the original Matrix with a reboot that is sure to fail.

Silver and the Wachowskis have a strained relationship, which might be the saving grace in getting this whole thing nixed. It sounds like Silver, who sold his stake in franchise in 2012, is looking for a cash grab and we can only pray that the Wachowskis shut that s**t down. Come on Wachowskis, don’t let your franchise suffer the same fate as The Karate Kid.

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7 years ago

While I have to admit that there was a lot of awesomeness in the original Matrix, there were several things that could not have been worse – not the least of which was the star. The direction may have been great, but the writing was just awful.
If I were a Warners exec, I’d have to at least hear a pitch before I rejected a reboot out of hand. There was just too much unfulfilled promise in the original.