O.J. Simpson’s Release Could Be Made For TV

O.J. Simpson dominated 2016 with an eight-hour documentary and a mini-series on FX. And, despite being in jail for robbery, he’s set to dominate the end of 2017.

That’s because his release from prison could be turned into a reality series, as America continues to think of new ways to sink lower.

From TMZ:

We’ve contacted a number of reality TV production companies, TV agents and platforms where such a show could run, and the reactions range from recoiling in disgust to pouncing on the opportunity.

None of the people to whom we spoke wanted to be quoted by name, but they all say the most likely formats are documentary or interview show.

I have no doubt that OJ will be the most sought after man in America once he is released. Every interviewer will be lining up to be the first to speak to O.J. and it’ll turn into the biggest spectacle of the year. Because if there’s one thing this country loves more than heroes, it’s glorifying villains.

There may be an issue with a reality series, though.

Here’s the problem. Almost to a person, producers and agents said broadcast and cable networks would never air a show featuring O.J. They say the public wouldn’t tolerate it and no one would advertise on it.

That said, producers say there would be a home on Pay-Per-View because, as one person put it, “people could pay without being judged.”

That first paragraph seems laughable. You really don’t think FOX would jump at the chance to air an O.J. reality show? Every station is desperate for ratings, and the premiere episode would do some of the biggest ratings to date. The People vs. OJ made the man hot again. If it weren’t for that show, this would be a non-story.

O.J. would be wise to jump on this opportunity. That way, if he were to commit another crime, we could either go to the footage or know it was staged.

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