Producer Aaron Sorkin Didn’t Know Women and Minorities Have it Tougher in Hollywood

Aaron Sorkin isn’t a normal human being. He creates overly complicated dialogue between people just standing around and doing nothing. Nothing actually happens in his movies. It’s just guys talking in a way that no two humans would ever talk.

So, it’s not all that surprising that Sorkin doesn’t recognize that there is a diversity issue in Hollywood.

“Are you saying that women and minorities have a more difficult time getting their stuff read than white men and you’re also saying that [white men] get to make mediocre movies and can continue on?”

Ummm, have you seen every single Adam Sandler movie in the past 10+ years? For every one bad Eddie Murphy movie, there are three bad Adam Sandler movies. And after a couple bad Eddie Murphy movies, Hollywood was like, “let it go, man.” Meanwhile, Adam Sandler is still making terrible movies. See the issue, there Aaron?

“You’re saying that if you are a woman or a person of color, you have to hit it out of the park in order to get another chance?”

Yes. This is exactly what we’re saying.

The good news, if there is any in this situation, is that Sorkin seems to realize that this is an issue. Of course, the fact that he’s been so blind to it makes him a pretty big part of the issue.

Variety describes Sorkin as “genuinely troubled by his lack of awareness,” ultimately questioning what assistance he could offer. “What can I do [to help]? … I do want to understand what someone like me can do … but my thing has always been: ‘If you write it, they will come,’” he said.

No s**t they will come if YOU write it. You’re a white male with a good track record. If a minority or female were to write the Harvard level dialogue that you write, they’d probably be dismissed for writing above their range. You want to help, Aaron? How about writing scripts that feature female and minority leads. Let it be known that white males aren’t the only ones that can say big words and string together Harvard sentences.

Or, you know, keep adapting stories that glorify successful white people.

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J. Walter Swartz
J. Walter Swartz
7 years ago

Well, since when he was a TV writer he often hired women and minorities as part of his writing staff because he didn’t notice…. if he wanted to do something to help he could do television again. It would be a start. Sticking to movies means he writes by himself and isn’t creating job openings.