You’ll Be Dead Before They Stop Making ‘Star Wars’ Films

In this day and age, when something is successful, the goal of everyone is to run it into the ground. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen to Star Wars.

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed as much in a new interview where he said that the franchise would look to do more stand-alone films like Rogue One, including a Hans Solo, solo film. Along with that, he is looking to extend the franchise past Episode Nine. It’s possible that Star Wars could drag on for another twenty years.

Listen, we don’t need an origin story for every character in the Star Wars universe. This sets a very bad precedent moving forward. Next thing you know, Game of Thrones fans will be demanding a Ned Stark spin-off because they want more Sean Bean. I love the Fast & Furious franchise. I don’t need prequel movies that tell me what The Rock’s character was doing before he was he got caught up with Dom’s gang. Actually, I do need that.

My point is, even though someone creates a large universe with infinite possibilities, it doesn’t mean we have to explore every single possibility. You could literally take any movie ever made and turn it into a twenty-year franchise that explores the depths of every character. But no one wants to see that many Kevin Hart movies.

Of course, none of this may happen as Iger plans on stepping down as Disney CEO in 2019. But it will happen. Because Hollywood hates new ideas.

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