Kylie Jenner’s Tight Dress Can’t Stop Protesters From Protesting Her

Kylie Jenner showed up to the Sugar Factory grand opening in Las Vegas and got some unwanted attention. Not creeper guys, not this time.

A bunch of anti-fur protesters hit up her arrival.

They were out protesting Jenner’s past fashion choices of fur, and yelled, “Kylie Jenner, you have blood on your hands.” One sign they held up read “Kylie Jenner Animal Abuser.”

Spoiler alert: Kylie can’t read! Nah, she can read. Read all these zeroes in her bank account. Think she cares about a few protesters? They just make her wanna buy a few more fur coats.

As someone who wants peace, I’d like to direct these protesters to Jenner’s red carpet photos. Clearly no fur, clearly still hot, clearly the protesters lose this one.

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