Rob Gronkowski Briefs the White House on 69

Rob Gronkowski and some of the New England Patriots attended the White House for the annual “sports teams who win a championship visit the White House for some reason” visit. Since Tom Brady wasn’t there to supervise Gronk, the Big Gronkowski decided to wander off on his own and crash Sean Spicer’s White House press briefing.

Gronk just strolled in, asked if they needed help, laughed, and then left.

Yes. Can this happen? The Patriots won without Gronk, they obviously don’t need him, let Gronk be the new press secretary. I don’t even know what the press secretary does, but based on Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Spicer on Saturday Night Live, my guess is that he just makes s**t up and spits a lot.


Gronk would just turn everything into a 69 joke or some type of sexual euphemism. Then he’d chug some beers and get the rest of the press to chug some beers. No one in the NFL press dislikes Gronk, so I would assume that no one in the government press would dislike Gronk.

Listen, if a reality star can be president, a football player can be press secretary. ELECT GRONK 2069!

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