‘The Simpsons’ Fails to Bring Comedy to Donald Trump’s First 100 Days

The Simpsons stopped being funny many years ago, but God bless them, they are trying.

In their latest attempt to be relevant, they decided to tackle Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. And they managed to do it in under two minutes.

The robot dog hair was funny, everything else was just a sad reality. Here’s the issue with making fun of Trump: you have to be gut-busting funny. Otherwise, it’s just a painful reminder of everything that has gone wrong since last November.

Here’s a challenge for comedies like The Simpsons or South Park or any other television show out there: don’t focus on Trump. Make everyone laugh with different stories. Allow us to escape the presidential realities of the moment.

Until then, I’ll keep watching old episodes of The Simpsons, which are awesome.

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