Bella Thorne and Scott Disick Are Trolling For Attention

As you may or may not know, Bella Thorne and Scott Disick love attention. So, what do two attention loving people do in their spare time? They get together in hopes that they get more attention.

Last week, Thorne and Disick were seen flirting and feeling up on each other at Cannes. Despite the incriminating photos, Bella insists that nothing is going on between the two.

Didn’t look like nothing to me, but the “trololol” part sort of gives away that these are just two people begging for everyone to talk about them. In fact, a source confirmed to People pretty much that exact thing.

“loving the attention and the fact that everyone’s talking about them and hating on them.”

“He sent her flowers after their first date and she was posting them on social media — it’s all tactical,” says the source. “They both party hard and it’s not healthy for either of them, and it’s not going to end well. Bella and Scott are very toxic for each other.”

I wish I was hot and rich enough that I could hook up with other hot and rich people for no reason other than to have people talk and hate on me.

“She’s just being young and having fun and doesn’t really care what people think or what their opinions are,” says the source. “She also knows that Scott is a huge playboy so she isn’t getting too invested. Basically, she’s being Bella and no one is going to change that.”

Yeah, but Scott Disick? You literally can’t spell his last name without using the word “Dick.” Plus, he looks like Patrick Bateman. Make smarter choices Bella, before you end up like Lindsay Lohan.

Of course, Disick is playing his own game as well, as explained by a different source.

“Scott is partially using Bella and a few other girls as a crutch to make Kourtney upset and feel jealous,”

I’m sure all of this attention trolling, hooking up with randoms, and making your ex-jealous is great for the kids that Scott and Kourtney have together.

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