Amazon’s Alexa Will Bash the Cavaliers And Warriors If You Ask It

If you didn’t think Kevin Durant’s last-second three-pointer in Game 3 of the 2017 NBA Finals wasn’t enough of a dagger for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Amazon’s Alexa is more than glad to add a burn to the wound.

Someone asked Alexa for a zinger against the Cavs: “Why is Kyrie Irving missing his jumpers? Because he believes his shot is flat.” For those not in the know, Irving expressed his belief that the Earth was actually flat. He totally backpedaled a couple of days later by saying that he was just trying to make people think. Yeah. OK. Sure, Kyrie. I believe you there… not.

Though to be fair, Alexa did have something to say about the Golden State Warriors: “Why did the Warriors lose the championship last year? Their attitude was too cavalier.” For non-NBA fans, they blew a 3-1 series lead as LeBron managed to lead Cleveland to its first championship since the 1500’s. OK, not THAT long ago – America had barely even been colonized then… yeesh. Still, it was a long time. So Golden State seems pretty hellbent on avenging that this year.

So, it seems like Amazon had some sass built into Alexa. Apple did the same with Siri, who will correct you if you ask her about “Bruce Jenner.” No transphobia here! I wonder what would happen if you started up Siri while the iPhone was next to Alexa. Better not to test it though – it might be like touching antimatter, which would result in the unheard of destruction of life.

Now, let’s see what Alexa comes up with if the Cleveland Indians make the World Series again. Given that they are a mere game out of first place, that could happen. I’m sure that a lot of the insults would center around their awful mascot, Chief Wahoo.

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