Corinne’s Pool Sex on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Was Not Consensual

More details have come out about why two adults boning in a pool on Bachelor in Paradise would bring about “allegations of misconduct.”

Sources say Corinne Olympios had been drinking the entire day and was blacked out when she stripped and went into the pool with DeMario Jackson. While DeMario remembered everything, it’s alleged Corinne did not remember the “rubbing, touching and fingering” or DeMario eating her out.

A day after, the cast told her what happened in the pool and said they and other cast members told the production crew that there was no way she could consent because of how wasted she was. The crew didn’t listen.

Sources in production claim no one complained.

Meanwhile, Corinne is telling friends she has a boyfriend and wouldn’t have done all that especially in front of cameras.

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