Kate Beckinsale is Dating a Baby

Kate Beckinsale had a long and profitable relationship with Len Wiseman. Together, the two of them filmed an alarming number of Underworld movies. But the couple split in 2016, and Beckinsale is happy to be caught making out in public. With a boy half her age.

I mean, good on Matt Rife, who is 21. Beckinsale may be 43, but she looks good at 43, especially in all black leather, which I hear some guys are into. But shame on you Ms. Beckinsale. Not for dating a guy only just old enough to drink, you do you. But Matt Rife? Two of his top IMDB credits are Gamer’s Guide to Pretty and Clash of Karts Mario Kart 8.

I like Mario Kart as next as the next person, but what do these two have in common? Are they just boning down and then playing some sweet games of Mario Kart? It would be one thing if Rife was really good looking, but he looks like a teenager. And Beckinsale is way out of his league. She’s going to eat him alive, perhaps literally.

The couple was spotted making out outside of Villa Lounge in West Hollywood. Is this a cry for help? A fun rebound? A disastrous life choice? Part of a plan to steal the Hope Diamond? Rife looks like someone stretched out Cillian Murphy’s face and stuck it on a Ken Doll. I’m so confused.

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