Kylie Jenner Gets Branded for Travis Scott

So you’re one of those people who wants to get ink to show how much you love someone. That’s kind of sweet. You want to be original. Don’t just get their name or their face or something. Kylie Jenner somehow got less original than that. She got a butterfly tattooed on the back of her leg and put it on Snapchat.

Okay, to be fair her BF Travis Scott did just put out a song called “Butterfly Effect.” And Jenner is just 19, so maybe she doesn’t know any better. But come on, friends don’t let friends get butterfly tattoos.  Scott is 25, unless she surprised him with it, he should have known better. Or any of the other older people Jenner seems attracted to. Someone should have had some sense.

“They are both madly in love,” a friend of theirs told “Have they talked about marriage? Yes. Is it a possibility in the future? Absolutely.” There’s just so much bad judgement here I just can’t. Why would you want to lock it down as a famous 19-year-old? Why do you pledge your love with tacky tattoos?

There’s approximately a million Jenners running around now, you’d think one of them would put a stop to this. But apparently no, they’re coming out as for the wedding. Someone please help Kylie.

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