L.A. Lights Bat-Signal For Adam West

For a lot of people, the passing of Adam West was like the death of a real superhero. Most of those people are old, but I’m sure you can relate. Can you imagine the news of Tobey Maguire passing? It’d be like hearing that Spider-Man had passed away. I guess Ryan Reynolds if you’re a teenager.

The point is, a lot of people were looking for cool ways to pay tribute to the caped crusader. The city of Las Angeles totally crushed it. At 9:00, the Batsignal will light the skies of L.A. When reached for comment, Burt Ward (Robin) said:

“People always asked Adam if he felt like he’d been typecast, if Batman had hurt his career. But I know he loved it. He loved being a star.”

Now his tribute will literally be among the stars. It sounds like Adam West would have been into that. They’re even getting the police commissioner (they don’t call them commissioners anymore) to do the honors.

West, who passed away at the age of 88, basically had a presidential funeral. Not in that former U.S. presidents attended, but every living actor to portray Batman was in attendance. Generations of superheroes stepped up to pay tribute to the least dark of the Dark Knights.

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