The Government Wants Miranda Kerr’s Diamonds

Once the ink on Miranda Kerr’s divorce papers to Orlando Bloom dried, billionaire Jho Low moved in on her fast. How fast? He gave her a diamond worth $1.29 million. Whoa. Yeah, that will get some people’s attention there. Only problem was, he was allegedly using money that he was supposedly stealing from a development fund. How much money did he steal? $4.5 billion. Oh. So that’s how he became a billionaire.

Low kept giving her diamonds while they dated for a year. Then they broke up, and Kerr kept the jewelry. The only problem is that the feds are after all his ill-gotten gains, and they could ask her to give it back.

It’s clear that Kerr likes her b-words – bling and billions. She wound up marrying another wealthy individual – Evan Spiegel, who founded Snapchat. I guess once you get used to having jewelry worth millions, it’s hard to move back down into a lower money bracket.

Right now, Kerr’s hanging onto those diamonds, though she’s in touch with authorities. She could have been like, “These are MINE now!” Then again, it wouldn’t feel too good to have items bought with stolen money, no matter how lavish. Eh. Some people still clearly check their conscience at the door… or weren’t even born with one.

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