Wanderlei Silva Wants Chael Sonnen to ‘Suck His Balls’ Before They Fight

Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen are scheduled to punch each other in the face next weekend. But, before that happens, Wanderlei would like a little foreplay.

This fight is going to be a car wreck that you can’t help but watch. These two were scheduled to meet five years ago, but it fell through and both men agreed to never fight again until they fought each other. Sonnen broke that promise, losing to Tito Ortiz in January of this year, but Sonnen is a known liar.

More confusing than Silva’s wanting of Sonnen to “suck his balls” is that Silva either doesn’t know how blow jobs work or his penis bends at an 180-degree angle. That’s a bad selling point for future MMA fighters. “Accumulate so much brain damage you’ll forget how blow jobs work” or “get your penis bent.”

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