‘Wonder Woman’ Director Has Warner Bros. by the Balls

Warner Bros. seemingly had less faith than they should have in Wonder Woman and its director Patty Jenkins as they did not sign her for the sequel. Now, with an 8-day total of $163 million and people over the world calling for her return, Jenkins has more leverage over Warner Bros. than Putin and his hookers have over Mango Mussolini.

Early tracking from the studio majorly underestimated the film’s success at a $65m domestic opening. Its actual domestic opening was $103m. The studio was already looking past it with its Justice League and Batgirl movies. It’s like when you’ve checked out of a relationship before your ex becomes a famous model. Now Warner Bros. is standing outside her window with a boombox blasting “In Your Eyes.”

Jenkins, of course, is up for another movie but this time around, she has enough negotiating power that she could ask Warner Bros. to force Michael Bay to come over and wash her Ferrari.

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