‘Hawaii Five-O’ Loses Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park Over Salary Dispute

I’ve only seen one episode of CBS’s Hawaii Five-O remake. I’m not much for CBS dramas, but I’m a big fan of the cast, especially Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park. Kim was a star in Lost, and Park played Boomer in Battlestar Galactica. They’re both awesome and talented hotties. Now they’re both off the show, giving me that much less of a reason ever to tune in.

Park has been pretty outspoken about her salary, which is less than that of her white co-stars. Enough was enough, and Kim and Park are now both leaving the show they’ve headlined since 2010. From the sound of things, filming a show in Hawaii gets pretty expensive when you’ve got to be flying back and forth all the time. You may not be too sympathetic to that problem, but those plane tickets add up.

CBS came out with a boilerplate ‘We’ll Miss You’ kind of letter. It’s too boring to reprint here, and the network ducks out on taking any responsibility . Both characters are getting replaced by their cousins in future seasons. (Yawn) That sounds cool I guess.

Like I said, they’re both talented actors with a lot going for them, but this story is sort of a bummer. Now CBS has to bank on the red hot star power of some dudes named Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan.

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