Kylie Jenner Will Soon Be Jealous of Her Big Butt Wax Figure

For some reason, Kylie Jenner has a Madame Tussauds wax figure. I thought those were reserved for talented people. I guess not.

This particular wax figure is faker than the Beyonce figure because it doesn’t properly depict Kylie’s butt.

According to Life & Style magazine, Kylie insisted that Madame Tussauds make her butt bigger after measurements were taken. They agreed because Madame Tussauds isn’t about creating lifelike wax figures. They’re about making money. And a bigger butt Kylie Jenner will probably make them more money. After all, men like big butts. They cannot lie.

Here’s a video of her wax figure. The one with the bigger butt is the wax figure, in case you couldn’t tell.

All of this is just going to lead to Kylie getting butt implants when she gets jealous of her own wax figure.

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Exactly, this twit is a liar yes she was dissatisfied with her unattractive self and had every plastic surgery under the moon to correct herself in to seemingly a attractive girl in pictures she should thank her doctor for the excellent work so why e ashamed to admit her surgeries I don’t know why but her whole family does it. Kylie says would Kris jenner let me have plastic surgery at sixteen she says no but she is crazy because Kris jenner used a pornographic video to create an empire with her self stated favorite daughter kim, Kris would pimp… Read more »

Having a NIGLET for the local zoo.

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