Mia Kang, Model and Muay Thai Fighter, Recommends Lots of Sex Before Fighting

Abstaining from sex before fights might work for men. For women, according to model Mia Kang, it’s the opposite. Bone away.

Kang was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 Issue.

Lately, she’s been getting into muay thai. She stopped by the MMA Fighting studios for a long interview weeks ago. Worth watching if you’re interested in muay thai.

She’s had one muay thai fight and Ariel Helwani decided to interview her for an hour. Okay, whatever. Nevermind there’s a ton of other women in the U.S. and around the world who have way more experience. But, good on her for hustling and getting on camera. She’ll probably even tell you that there’s much more deserving people who haven’t been recognized in muay thai.

How can anyone not talk about her when she says things like:

“When females have sex, testosterone levels increase, so the recommendation is to have as much sex as possible before you fight.”

Model, sex, muay thai. Who doesn’t wanna hear this?

Going by her Instagram, she did well her last fight, winning by TKO.

Kang is single and says “I am not actively out there looking,” so I guess she won’t do as well in her next fight without that added testosterone.

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