Hurricane Irma on Course to Destroy Trump’s Florida Properties

The universe, #RESIST. Hurricane Irma unleashed its fury on the Caribbean Islands.

The hurricane, “tied for the second-strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean,” hit Donald Trump’s “Le Chateau des Palmiers” home in St. Martin. Trump never lives there and uses it as a rental.

Trump was trying to unload the home, translated to “Castle of the Palms,” for $17 million. Selling point? Bathrooms perfect for peeing on guests.

Now, Irma’s making a beeline straight for his Mar-A-Lago club and his golf courses in Doral, West Palm Beach and Jupiter, all located in Florida. Irma will strike with the fury of a thousand Antifas.

The apocalypse is coming. Prepare.

  • gary

    As any can see, Chuck Liddle has nothing but hatred in his article. To bad Chuck, Trump can afford many more of these resorts. But I’m sure he has a very good insurance policy on all his properties. Go to hell Chucky boy.

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