Hurricane Irma on Course to Destroy Trump’s Florida Properties

The universe, #RESIST. Hurricane Irma unleashed its fury on the Caribbean Islands.

The hurricane, “tied for the second-strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean,” hit Donald Trump’s “Le Chateau des Palmiers” home in St. Martin. Trump never lives there and uses it as a rental.

Trump was trying to unload the home, translated to “Castle of the Palms,” for $17 million. Selling point? Bathrooms perfect for peeing on guests.

Now, Irma’s making a beeline straight for his Mar-A-Lago club and his golf courses in Doral, West Palm Beach and Jupiter, all located in Florida. Irma will strike with the fury of a thousand Antifas.

The apocalypse is coming. Prepare.

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6 years ago

As any can see, Chuck Liddle has nothing but hatred in his article. To bad Chuck, Trump can afford many more of these resorts. But I’m sure he has a very good insurance policy on all his properties. Go to hell Chucky boy.