Morgan Freeman’s Calming Voice Is Going to Get Us All Killed

The Committee to Investigate Russia, a neoconservative think tank comprised mainly of outspoken Hillary Clinton supporters, recruited Morgan Freeman to be sweet, dulcet voice of their latest propaganda video calling for war with Russia.

Now, Morgan Freeman does have a point here, Russia ran a propaganda campaign in the United States that attacked Hillary Clinton, mostly likely because Vladimir Putin thought Donald Trump would be less likely to invade Syria and depose Putin’s ally Bashar al-Assad and inadvertently hand the entire region over to ISIS. That propaganda campaign has given cover to some of Clinton’s most ardent supporters to claim the election was “hacked” to avoid dealing with the fact that they backed a candidate who lacked the political skill to beat Donald Trump, a known horse’s ass.

I’m going to give you some very quick background on this. During the election, someone gained access to Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta’s e-mail account because a typo made by the campaign’s IT department caused Podesta to fall for a clearly fake phishing email. There has been no solid evidence of who was behind the phishing attack, but whoever it was released a copy of all of his e-mails to Wikileaks. Clinton apologists have used this incident, along with an apparent hack of state voter registration databases, in misleading attempts to make people think that Russian hackers changed numbers on voting machines. Voting machines in the United States do not have the ability to access the internet, so while they are not necessarily as secure as they should be, any hacking or manipulation of votes would have to be done in person by someone on site at the polling place.

Organizations like CIR have been exploiting the legitimate fears and discontent of the American public in the wake of the election of Donald Trump to push a pro-military neoconservative agenda.

I mean, I get it. Lots of people have lost their damn minds over Trump getting elected and gone completely over the deep end. And we do need to have a stronger focus, as a nation, on protecting ourselves from cyberattacks. But Donald Trump isn’t president because of Vladimir Putin. He’s president because Hillary Clinton, despite being a competent civil servant, was a walking disaster of a politician who couldn’t find a strategy to win an election against an omnishambles of a candidate like Trump. I know it’s hard to wrap your head around how exactly someone could lose the highest office in the land to an unpopular, incompetent moron like Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton found a way. Unfortunately for us and for the world, no amount of Morgan Freeman’s soothing baritone voice is going to change that.

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