Who Did Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assault Today?

Hey, it’s another day of the week. Guess who came out with a story about being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinsten? It’s production assistant Mimi Haleyi! I’ll save you from another rundown of how creepy Weinstein is and get straight into highlights or lowlights, I guess. According to Haleyi, Harvey:

  • Pinned her down on a bed that seemed to be in a kid’s room
  • She said she was on her period to deter Harvey
  • Harvey removed her tampon
  • Harvey forcibly went down on her

Haleyi’s lawyer, Gloria Allred didn’t say if she’d file criminal or civil charges. Luckily, future women need not worry because Harvey Weinstein completed his week of rehab where psychologists must have advised him that jerking off into potted plants and sexually assaulting women is bad. Who knew?

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