Teresa Giudice Is the Pot Calling Sofia Vergara a Bitch

Teresa Giudice, who is only famous because Bravo decided, “Let’s show how bitchy housewives in New Jersey are” and America loved it, thinks Sofia Vergara is a bitch.

Alright, if you think the woman is a bitch, fine. That’s, like, your opinion, man. But her reasoning is where she crosses the line from “not liking someone due to their attitude” to “ignorant idiot.” Giudice said, “You would think she would be nice, you know, she’s an immigrant.”

If anything, that should make her more pissed off because immigrants are being treated like trash right now.

The story, as told by Giudice, is that Vergara and her were supposed to take a picture together. Giudice makes sure to mention that she doesn’t like taking pictures with celebrities because “she’s not like that” and then says that Vergara didn’t want to take the picture. So, basically, their publicists forced them to take a picture together. No wonder Vergara was being bitchy, I’d be bitchy too if my publicists made me take a picture with one of the Real Housewives.

Vergara big-timed Giudice in the picture by standing in front of her and then said to her publicist, “Why did you make me take a picture with that woman?”


Giudice is just upset that Vergara wasn’t fake nice to her for five seconds. I, on the other hand, respect Vergara for not being fake nice and am officially throwing my name out there to be Vergara’s new publicist. I promise that I won’t make you take pictures with any of the Real Housewives or anyone from Bravo, for that matter. Except, the cast members of Below Deck. But you don’t have to take a picture with them. You just have to take a picture of me with them.

Here’s the full video of Guidice calling out Vergara.

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