Chanel West Coast Is Not As Famous As She Thinks She Is

Do ya’ll remember Chanel West Coast? She was Rob Dyrdek’s sidekick/assistant on his 100 different MTV shows. She also thought she was a rapper or something. She’s not actually famous.

But she thinks she’s famous. So, when she steps up to the club, she expects to get in without any issues. She had issues on Monday night.

That’s Chanel going on an epic rant after being denied entry to some place called Poppy. I did my best to transcribe some of her quotes, but this video is worth watching for yourself.

“You look like a motherfuckin actor that died, bro”

“Poppy. It’s more poppin at my house, bitch”

“Security loves to hold down whoever the f**k they can, cause they insecure about they own life, wish you could be a little white girl rapping, bitch.”

“You wish you could spit bars like me.”

“Go let in some irrelevant escort type bitches that wanna suck dick.”

“Lil Pump is not black”

Despite Poppy not being as poppin’ as her house, Chanel sure did stick around there to yell things for awhile. My favorite part was the security guard clapping during her tantrum.

Chanel took to Twitter to clear up the misconception that she was denied entry.


At least she let it be known that she doesn’t get denied at any club. She should realize that her fame level is only “one.” As in, “you’re only allowed one friend with you in the club because you aint that famous.”

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
6 years ago

Bitch look like a potato with feet.