Donald Trump Didn’t Know What to Do for the 11 Minutes He Lost Twitter

Not all heroes wear capes.

Case in point, the “rogue” Twitter employee who took down Donald Trump’s Twitter account on his last day at work. The employee’s name is unknown.

Trump’s account was back online after eleven minutes, which must have been the most stressful eleven minutes of Trump’s life. When he was finally back online, Trump credited himself for the account being taken down. Because, of course he did.

Including that tweet, Trump has fired off 14 tweets since getting his account restored. I’ve had full account access all day and have only sent like 3 tweets. And I was sitting at the doctor’s office for an hour. Can no one download “Candy Crush” onto this guy’s phone to distract him?

Most of Trump’s tweets have been aimed at Crooked Hillary and Crazy Bernie, even though the election was a year ago and he won. Dude, you’re the president. You beat both of them. Stop talking about them and build that wall you promised. Or is Crooked Hillary preventing you from doing that?

Twitter apologized for Trump’s account being taken down, but that’s only because they don’t want the president to stop using their platform. If they had any decency, they’d have banned him years ago for constantly attacking people through his account. But Trump’s Twitter trends nearly every day, and while he trails certain celebrities in terms of followers, I’m willing to bet that no account has more activity than Trump’s. Between replies, retweets, and likes, Trump gets 50,000 engagements with each tweet.

Katy Perry, who has twice as many followers as Trump, gets half those numbers and tweets three times less.

I applaud your efforts, rogue Twitter agent, but Donald Trump’s Twitter account isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

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