Sorry, Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal Is The Batman We Deserve

Ben Affleck’s days as Batman are numbered. Not because he’s part of Hollywood’s sexual assault ring, but because he sucks.

Matt Reeves recently replaced Affleck as the director of The Batman, signifying that Affleck would step down as the character as well. If Reeves has his choice of a replacement, he wants Jake Gyllenhaal as the new savior of Gotham.

Alright, I’m willing to give that a shot. I mean, anyone is better than Ben Affleck, right?

Gyllenhaal probably doesn’t strike most people as the next coming of Bruce Wayne, but let’s not pretend that he isn’t a fantastic actor. Have you seen Nightcrawler? I’d say he should have won the Golden Globe that year for his performance, but Eddie Redmayne was fantastic as Stephen Hawking as well.

I’ll put Gyllenhaal’s filmography up against your favorite actor’s filmography and feel confident.

In fact, can we go ahead and re-shoot The Justice League with Jake? I haven’t seen it, but I did see Superman vs. Batman and that was enough to tell me that I don’t need to see another movie with Affleck trying to be Batman. At least Affleck recognizes that he sucks in the role and is willing to step down before they try to do a singular film centered around the character.

Imagine watching Affleck brood his way through an entire Batman movie and not wanting to gouge your eyes out. I think that’s an impossible task.

For those that don’t know Reeves, he did the recent Planet of the Apes movies. He also wrote Under Siege 2, but we’ll let that one slide.

Keep in mind, Affleck stepping down has not been confirmed. There’s still a very real chance that he’ll wear the black cape at least once more. So, if you see Justice League this weekend, remember to praise Affleck’s performance as so great that he’ll think he redeemed himself from Dawn of Justice. Criticizing him is only going to keep him around longer. That’s why he’s here in the first place.

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