Sia Still Hiding Her Face, But Not Her Ass

Sia saved someone a lot of money on Monday night when she posted a nude photo of her ass on Twitter.

Someone had taken the photos and were shopping them to various outlets. They sent out the same photo that Sia sent out and promised that the outlet could have that photo and 14 others, watermark free, if they were to pony up some cash.

Sia got wind of this deal and instead of suing like most actresses do, she decided to release the photo herself.

It’s a bold move from the singer, who typically keeps her face covered during performances. Then again, her face is still unseen in these photos.

This is a badass move. While I’m sure Sia would have liked to keep her bare ass private, she doesn’t seem to have a problem showing it to the world. She also wasn’t going to let some creep in the bushes profit off her.

Not only that, but she turned it into a marketing scheme so she could profit off her own ass.

The “Everyday is Christmas!” line at the end is not only what some might be saying when they find out that nude photos of Sia hit the Internet. It’s also the name of her Christmas album, which comes out Nov. 17. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Let this be a lesson to you creeps out there taking nude photos of celebrities. Just make a website and release them yourself. It’s 2017. You don’t need to sell your s**t to an outlet. If you haven’t figured out how to profit on your own, you deserve to have the celebrity get out in front of you and cost you thousands. Be smarter.

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