Weather Channel Forecast Didn’t Predict a 100% Chance of Bus During Coverage of Georgia Dome Implosion

Imagine you’re a cameraman for The Weather Channel. You spend most of your days filming hazardous conditions, which means that you spend your days standing around during hurricanes trying to hold a 50-pound camera steady while houses are flying past you. Today is different, though. Today you’re filming a nice, safe implosion in sunny downtown Atlanta. You set up across the street from the Georgia Dome to get what you think is a perfect shot. The historic demolition begins, you can almost taste your promotion and then all of the sudden a MARTA bus pulls right in front of you, entirely blocking the shot of the stadium, only to pull away after the action has ended.

Well, that’s the experience one cameraman had yesterday. And he was audibly unhappy about it, blaming the bus for his inability to consider that roads sometimes have cars on them when setting up for his shot.

Meanwhile, pro wrestler The Miz had a theory on why the Georgia Dome, a stadium that was only 25 years old, was demolished.

A local news station in Atlanta managed to set up cameras in eight spots, none of which were obstructed by a bus.

And the Dome itself had some last words on Twitter.

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