Hailee Steinfeld Is the Perfect Way to End the Year

Hailee Steinfeld is perfect. You will not convince me otherwise. The singer/actress just turned 21 and celebrated by posting more photos and videos on Instagram. Here are some of those photos. In between, you can decide whether or not you want to read the text.

Why yes, that is Hailee performing the Mean Girls dance. If there is a Mean Girls 2, I vote her as the female lead.

Hailee currently stars in Pitch Perfect 3. It’s the more pointless version of Pitch Perfect 2, but still a fun time regardless. Honestly, when you make a movie with her and Anna Kendrick, you’re going to get my money.

The bad news is that she’ll next star in a Transformers spin-off centered around Bumblebee. The good news is that Michael Bay didn’t direct it and it stars John Cena as well.

Here’s what Hailee told Collider about her role:

“I play a character named Charlie Watson, who is a mechanic. She’s in high school. [She’s] incredibly unique and strong and has – something I love about her is that a lot of people tend to underestimate her knowledge and she continuously proves herself and what she knows and creates this incredible relationship with this Transformer.”

Basically, she’s playing Megan Fox from the first Transformers. Given how Fox looked in that movie, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I made sure “Starving” was on my “must play” list at my wedding. It’s the best song ever.

This girl sure does love her sparkles.

The more we get of Hailee Steinfeld, the better. Everyone knew she was going to be a huge star after True Grit. If you didn’t, your vision sucks.

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