The iPhone X Is Now Racist

A woman, Yan, from Nanjing, China has been offered a second refund after the facial recognition on her iPhone X allowed her co-worker to unlock her phone. Cue incredulous, “Oh, so all Asians look alike, iPhone X?”

It all began after her first iPhone X purchase. Even after reconfiguring the facial recognition several times, her co-worker was still able to unlock it. Apple didn’t believe it when she called them which is when she dragged her friend to the nearest Apple store showed them.

The second phone she purchased after being given a refund exhibited the same problems. Her co-worker kept unlocking her phone with her stupid face. Yan returned that one for another refund.

There’s no word if she bought a third iPhone X. But if she did and the same thing happened again, I think it’s pretty obvious what she’d have to do. Kill her co-worker.

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Lucy Towey
Lucy Towey
5 years ago

Repeating the same mistake is pointless and absurd, if iphone is not working properly and is racist then don’t buy it, and yes, the company needs to fix that, but why is she giving them her money? WTF…