Ronda Rousey Finally, Maybe, Definitely, Signing with WWE

You have not traveled back in time. Ronda Rousey is still going to appear in WWE “very soon.”

Yes, we’ve heard this same report since September, when Rousey showed up on and the Mae Young Classic to support her friend Shayna Baszler.

But this time it’s totally true.

According to a USA Today report, two people close to the situation said Rousey is finalizing her WWE deal. Rousey has had a standing offer from WWE for years now and the interest on both sides only increased following her KO loss to Amanda Nunes last year.

Given that we’re four months away from WrestleMania (that’s the Super Bowl of wrestling, for those that don’t know), this deal is going to happen by January. There are talks of WWE wanting to run a Women’s Royal Rumble and attaching Rousey’s name to the inaugural match would certainly draw some eyeballs. It’s virtually guaranteed that she’ll be wrestling at WrestleMania, with the Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen match being the most likely result.

It’s unlikely that Rousey ever fights again, given that she’s been blasted in her last two fights, can make just as much money in wrestling, and doesn’t have to deal with the criticism of losing. Dana White says he doesn’t want her to fight again because he wants to protect her. But he has no issue booking guys to fight 21 days after they get choked unconscious and brutally battered with elbows.

Personally, I have no desire to see Rousey in WWE and don’t think she’ll do all that well. She’s athletic enough to be passable in the ring, but she’s camera-shy and doesn’t do well when given large speaking roles. It’s why she flamed out so quickly in Hollywood after everyone thought she’d be the female Dwayne Johnson. Put a microphone in front of her face coupled with a live audience and this could be a disaster.

At least it won’t feel like this:

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