Watch Rooftopper Die in Stunt Gone Wrong

Do you know what a ‘rooftopper’ is? It’s like mountain climbing, only you do it on a skyscraper and without safety equipment. It’s just asking for trouble. I’ve actually captured some footage of someone actually doing it, take a look.

Okay, yes, that’s The Office episode where Michael, Dwight and Andy found out about parkour. It’s basically the same thing, people running around doing dangerous but cool-looking stunts.

Chinese rooftopper Wu Yongning stopped posting videos last month, and a few days ago his girlfriend confirmed that he died last month in a stunt gone wrong, according to The Telegraph.

He was recording the stunt when he slipped and fell off of the top of a skyscraper in Changsha to his death. Do you want to see it? Because I found the video, and I’m going to share it with you. Just so you know, this video isn’t graphic but it pretty disturbing to watch in context.

Thankfully the camera was fixed on the top of the 62 story building, so we just see the former movie stuntman slip out of frame as he falls. The man gave his life to entertain us, and he never claimed that the Earth is flat, as far as I know, so let’s pour one out for Wu Yongning and have a look at the amazing things he did before his tragic accident.

It’s incredibly sad that he died, at only 26 and the day before he was going to propose to his girlfriend. But Wu Yongning was an incredible performer in his short life, and I’m sure that’s what his fans will remember him for.

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