Lynda Carter Hints at Role in ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Warner Brothers’ project to rival Marvel’s cinematic universe has produced exactly one watchable film: Wonder Woman. This means, of course, that a sequel is in the works alongside like 30 movies that are just bound to be terrible. Lynda Carter is actually the second actress to play Wonder Woman, following Cathy Lee Crosby’s portrayal of the character in a 1974 made-for-TV movie, but because that movie was even worse than Man of Steel, it’s been largely forgotten and Lynda Carter is the actress most  people think of as Wonder Woman.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly on Today, Carter mentioned that she’s in talks with Patty Jenkins to appear in Wonder Woman 2.

Megyn Kelly starts her segment by shitting all over Joanna Cameron, who played Isis on The Shazam/Isis Power Hour, by saying Wonder Woman was the only female superhero when she was a kid in the 70’s. Seriously, Isis is on TV right now, she’s one of the characters on the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which is far, far better than any DC Comics movie produced in the past 20 years or so.

Later on, however, Carter told Kelly that she had talked with Patty Jenkins about a part in Wonder Woman 2, and it was up to Warner Brothers and whether or not they want to pay for it at this point. She suggested people could send letters to Warner if they want to see it happen, though. Don’t get carried away, Lynda, it’d be cool if you had a Stan Lee-style cameo in the film, but I don’t think anyone actually cares enough to write a letter about it.

Lynda Carter made a few guest appearances with another DC superheroine last year when she played American President Olivia Marsdin on CW’s Supergirl. In an interesting twist on an old formula, she’s secretly a shape-shifting alien, but instead of being a villain with a sinister motive, Carter’s Marsdin is shown to be one of the good guys and is trying to end anti-alien xenophobia on Earth Thirty-Eight. Yeah, comic book stuff is confusing.

With or without Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman 2 is scheduled to storm into theaters on November 19th, 2019, with Gal Gadot reprising her role as Wonder Woman, this time during the 1980s, against Kristen Wiig’s villainous Cheetah.

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