Cardi B Deleted Her Instagram After Being Attacked by Noted Troll Azealia Banks

Cardi B became famous on Instagram, which led to a reality show on VH1, a network that used to play music for old people, and eventually to her being signed as a rapper by Atlantic Records. Azealia Banks is mostly famous for viciously attacking women who are more talented and successful than she is, so of course she had some mean things to say about Cardi B on “The Breakfast Club,” basically blaming her for setting black women’s causes back for not being Beyonce, who Banks once said should “SHUT UP and let the new vanguard of black women come forth, instead of poaching from us.”

Cardi B posted a response to her Instagram before deleting the entire account, saying among other things, that Banks “constantly finds joy in belittling black women” and that she isn’t happy in her own skin. She added that she has “never dismissed my heritage or my culture.”

Banks has, over the years, viciously attacked pretty much any black woman who is more famous than Azealia Banks for not being black right. She couldn’t find enough bad things to sat about Beyonce when Lemonade came out, but today she’s talking about great Lemonade was and how much Cardi B has ruined things, which were previously so great.

Banks has also attacked Rihanna for “not being a citizen” when Rihanna attended rallies against Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslim countries, which Banks supported. She also called Zayn Malik from One Direction a “sand n—–,” so she’s not a big fan of people from the Middle East in general.

Amazingly, her comments on Malik led her to get into a long, public argument with 14-year-old (at the time) Disney Channel actress Skai Jackson, whom she told “You need to get ur ass done and your tits done before you become a proper instagram thot girly,” and called her “flatty patty”.

You might think that’s the bottom of the barrel, but when Izzy Azealia said she had considered suicide because of being attacked by trolls on social media, Banks took to social media to tell her “YAAS slavemaster, drive that slave truck right off the canyon!!!”

While Banks was doing that, Vermont Senator and leading 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was complimenting Cardi B for her insight on the need to strengthen Social Security in an interview with GQ, where she impressed with her knowledge of presidential history.

Cardi unleashes her recollections of FDR’s life and accomplishments in a passionate torrent that assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the listener and follows no time line. She knows which president succeeded Roosevelt (his vice president, Truman) and which preceded him (Hoover). She gives a brief overview of the 22nd Amendment. She used to be able to list all the U.S. presidents in order of term but is too nervous to try it in front of me. As a compromise, she invites me to name any president.


“He was the 15th president,” she says, and her tone is as neutral as if she were reciting types of weather. “Buchanan is the only president that was a bachelor.”

Azealia Banks saw that and called Cardi B “illiterate” because she makes some typos sometimes.

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