Charlie Rose Sexually Harassed a Lot More Women Than We Thought

Charlie Rose tryna to be the new Harvey Weinstein. Minus exchanging sex for jobs. He just wants to sexually harrass.

If you don’t know Charlie Rose, he’s a 76-year-old TV newsman who used to host Charlie Rose on PBS and worked on 60 Minutes as a correspondent. Last November, eight women accused Rose of creepy stuff like groping their breasts and walking around in front of them naked.

Several women “described Rose putting his hand on their legs, sometimes their upper thigh.” One said he “groped her breasts” as she drove him in a car. Two women said he “walked naked in front of them” after taking a shower.

This all happened from the 1990’s to 2011. That makes him a sexual harassment veteran I guess. You thought it ended in 2011 though? Think again.

Even more women raised their hands and said, “Oh, wait. I have a story for you.”

An additional 27 women — 14 CBS News employees and 13 who worked with him elsewhere — said Rose sexually harassed them. Concerns about Rose’s behavior were flagged to managers at the network as early as 1986 and as recently as April 2017, when Rose was co-anchor of “CBS This Morning,” according to multiple people with firsthand knowledge of the conversations.

The allegations accuse Rose of sexual harassment as early as 1976. Women complained to management thorughout the years, but nothing happened.

“I had been there long enough to know that it was just the way things went,” said Sophie Gayter, now 27, who worked at “60 Minutes” in 2013 when, she said, Rose groped her buttocks as they walked down an office hallway to a recording studio. “People said what they wanted to you, people did what they wanted to you.”

Here’s another victim’s account:

One of the plaintiffs, Beth Homan-Ross, who worked directly with Rose as an assistant producer, told The Post that Rose frequently made sexual remarks about her breasts and buttocks. When she arrived at his house to deliver materials or prepare him for work, he would sometimes open the door naked, holding a towel. More than once, she said, Rose asked her to come into his bathroom while he was showering. She said she declined, waiting outside.

What is it with sexual harassers and showering? Harvey Weinstein did the same thing, asking women to watch him shower and massage him. It’s unknown if Rose asked for a massage.

Yet another victim’s account:

In 2003, he brought a 20-year-old intern from his PBS show on a CBS trip to California for a “60 Minutes II” assignment.

“You’re not just working for a show, you’re working for Charlie, period,” said the former intern, Corrina Collins, who now lives in Montana and works as a transportation planner.

On the plane, Collins said, Rose insisted she drink wine and began to “paw” her. Collins became drunk, she said, and threw up in the plane’s bathroom.

Rose squeezed her breast during the car ride from the airport, Collins said. She said he insisted that they work in his hotel room, where he told her, “I want you to ride me.” She quickly left his room. “It felt predatory,” she said. “I had already said no, but he was going to persist.”

Charlie Rose does not have game.

Another victim says he got her drunk, “demanded” she come up to her apartment and “insisted they sit together at his desk to watch footage of his “60 Minutes” interviews with former U.S. presidents.”

Watching interviews with U.S. presidents. Not only is this guy predatory, he’s boring as hell when he’s drunk.

What’s horribly ironic is that Rose wanted to make a new TV show where he interviews men who’ve been brought down by #MeToo scandals. That’s very meta.

60 Minutes is supposed to be this big investigative show. They really dropped the ball on this. It should’ve been easy for the reporters to pitch this story to the producers. “Hey, there’s this blockbuster scandal about a well-known TV anchor who’s been sexually harassing women at work for decades.” That’s when Charlie Rose suddenly needs to leave the room for a phone call.

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