Ken Jeong Puts His M.D. to Use When a Fan Has a Seizure at His Show

Did you know that Ken Jeong is a medical doctor? I’ll bet you didn’t unless you had read any article about Ken Jeong ever written, because every single one of them had it in the introductory paragraph, including this one. It is an interesting fact that Jeong is a licensed physician despite being an actor and stand-up comic and not a working doctor.

Saturday night in Phoenix at Stand Up Live, Dr. Ken got to put his medical skills to use as an audience member had a seizure, as reported by TMZ.

As soon as he realized what was happening, we’re told Ken hopped off the stage and rushed to the woman’s aid. Sources say he cleared the area and attended to her while paramedics arrived. An audience member who was also an EMT assisted as well. Oh, and in case you didn’t know … Ken actually obtained his M.D. back in the ’90s. So, he’s legit.

Ken stayed with the woman until an ambulance arrived — we’re told at some point she regained consciousness while under his care and was brought back to her feet. She was eventually taken to a hospital, and Ken resumed the show. We’re told he quickly addressed the situation, saying he was happy to be able to help … and got a round of applause.

I told you every article about Ken Jeong mentioned he was a medical doctor.

I have to admit, if you’re going to have a seizure at a stand-up show, Ken Jeong is the show to go to. Talk about lucky. That’s almost, but not quite, as lucky as not having a seizure at all, like everyone else in the room.

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