‘Show Dogs’ to Be Re-Released Because Dogs are Supposedly Inappropriately Touched

Touching dogs in an appropriate way based on context is the same as inappropriately touching children. So say pissed off movie viewers.

In the new film Show Dogs, a terrible looking film that is getting killed by critics, there are scenes that depict dogs getting their genitalia felt as part of the dog show inspection process. This is a totally legitimate thing that happens at dog shows. I confirmed as much with my friend who has participated in multiple dog shows over the years.

The dog is told to go to his “zen place” in the film to get through the process.

But, according to The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, this too closely resembles the actions of a sexual predator. Here is their statement:

“(The film) sends a troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse…It contains multiple scenes where a dog character must have its private parts inspected, in the course of which the dog is uncomfortable and wants to stop but is told to go to a ‘zen place.’ The dog is rewarded with advancing to the final round of the dog show after passing this barrier. Disturbingly, these are similar tactics child abusers use when grooming children—telling them to pretend they are somewhere else, and that they will get a reward for withstanding their discomfort. Children’s movies must be held to a higher standard, and must teach children bodily autonomy, the ability to say ‘no’ and safety, not confusing messages endorsing unwanted genital touching.”

It’s a movie with talking dogs. No child is watching it thinking, “If someone touches me like that and tells me to go to my zen place, it’s cool as long as I get a lollipop.” They are watching it thinking, “This movie is dumb.”

But because this became a thing, the movie has been re-edited and will be re-released this weekend. Here is the statement Global Road Entertainment sent to Deadline:

“Responding to concerns raised by moviegoers and some specific organizations, Global Road Entertainment has decided to remove two scenes from the film Show Dogs that some have deemed not appropriate for children. The company takes these matters very seriously and remains committed to providing quality entertainment for the intended audiences based on the film’s rating. We apologize to anybody who feels the original version of Show Dogs sent an inappropriate message. The revised version of the film will be available for viewing nationwide starting this weekend.”

The real outrage should be over someone watching Miss Congeniality and deciding to make the same movie, only with dogs.

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Artie Whitefox
Artie Whitefox
4 months ago

People complain about the stupidest things. People dive into adrenaline pumping war. That makes people to kill, and be killed. The living end up having post traumatic syndrome. They are proudly called veterans. Touch is pleasurable, hurting nothing. What is called bad? An activity that harms nothing. That makes killing, and being killed, an appropriate activity. We are living in a mad, mad, world.

Last edited 4 months ago by Artie Whitefox
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